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Social networking for photographers

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For the photographer, the modern age has opened the door to a world of exposure through online networking platforms. Showcasing an individual’s work, online interaction and recognition can be attained through the marvels of social networking. There is no denying that social media is revolutionising the photography industry. Below is a shortlist of our favourite social networking platforms that will hopefully, get you on your way to receiving a wide and powerful audience.

With over 1 billion members, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world, and an obvious choice for many photographers wanting to post images, share links, and connect with family, friends, and co-workers. Being able to engage with other photographers, learning about their lives and what inspires them, can often instil inspiration in your own work, and in turn, make you into a better photographer.

For commercial photographers, having the option to set up individual pages, advertise, boost posts, link blog entries, announce events, upload inspiring images and show interesting content – Facebook is a great tool for client engagement. Why not like our Israel Photography Tour Facebook page here or our sister company, Barcelona Photography Tours Facebook page here and interact with us!

Unlike other social platforms, Instagram is specifically designed for photographs. The benefit of this is that photographers won’t have to scroll through piles of uploads that are not relevant to them. This makes it more likely that other photographers will like and comment on your images, in turn having your images viewed more often. Using hashtags on Instagram is key to generating a larger audience. Hashtags can also be a great way to scout locations. Being largely mobile based, many users end up using this platform with their cell phones.

One of the main reasons Instagram became so popular, was for the filters feature. It is hard to deny that it can be quite addictive to use. For professional photographers, showcasing new work, ongoing projects as well as old projects, all add up to expanding ones brand presence and showing who you are as an artist through sharing images, techniques and behind-the-scenes information. Please click here if you have an Instagram account and would like to follow us.

Google +
Since the introduction of Google +, photographers will likely see more interaction on this social networking platform than any other. The amount of comments given from fellow photographers can be astounding when feeds are uploaded in real time. Google Hangouts are also a welcome addition to network with other photographers, discuss gear, give tips, portfolio reviews, critiques and more.

Many photographers using Facebook have complained about the low image quality due to poor colour management and limited pixel size when uploaded there – not so with Google +. With a maximum width of 20149 px wide, images look fabulous when viewed on large monitors. Users galleries look slick and uncluttered – perfect for viewing an artists work without distractions. Finally, Google Circles are a great way to select who views your uploads, and uploads that you view.

With one of the best interfaces available, 500px is well designed, unobtrusive and simple. Without encouraging any advertisements or other distractions, it does what it is designed to do – display amazing photographs through it’s unique algorithms dependant on the number of likes, favourites, views and comments from fellow photographers. You may very well end up in the “Editor’s Choice” category, allowing you even higher exposure.

500px’s default profile page is so beautiful that you may not need to have any other photo-sharing sites, however if you have a paid account [500px “Awesome user], you will be given the opportunity to create a portfolio on 500px itself through it’s set of portfolio templates with easy customisation. These templates are responsive, so will ensure your photos look beautiful on a variety of devices. Please href=”https://500px.com/info467″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>follow us on 500px to show us your own work!

With millions of photos uploaded every month, more than 5 billion images uploaded to it’s servers and 87+ million users, Flickr is one of the most popular photo sharing sites for photographers. With their recent redesign, it’s a great place to showcase your work to a wide audience. One of the benefits of using Flickr is that many other popular sites and applications work with it. We love the “Groups” feature, as it allows you to interact with other photographers through images, comments and discussions according to that specific group.

Since the rise of 500px, Flickr had lost many users. But since the realm of Yahoo was recently taken over, one of their priorities was to make Flickr cool again through a series of updates in the iOs and Android apps. Many photographers claim that blogging in conjunction with Flickr are the reason why people discover more about their work. Finally, the benefit of having 1 TB of free storage can be the deciding factor in using Flickr as your primary photo-sharing site. Follow us on our Flickr page here!

Pinterest is basically a visual bookmarking site with a strong social component built in, making it easy for posts to go viral. With about 6 million monthly users, Pinterest accounts are obtained by invitation only. Once you obtain an account, you can create boards on which you “Pin” posts, such as videos from YouTube, shared photos, boards with info on how a photoshoot was made, or just about anything else you care to share.

For business users, it can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website due to its highly viral nature, especially when a user with lots of followers pins something from your website. Pointing your clients to specific boards creates awareness and are a great source of information. Wedding photographers in particular come to mind. Just imagine how useful a resource it would be for a would-be-bride when planning their wedding shoot.

A hugely popular microblogging site, Tumblr covers some 200 million bloggers worldwide. We don’t recommend Tumblr as the only site to head your social networking strategy, but rather to supplement your main photography site in showing what kind of photographer you are, what inspires you and behind the scenes insight into new projects you are involved in.

By customising how your content appears through Tumblr’s various themes and user interface, you can engage your audience with your own personality. This social site is great for bloggers who share a wide variety of text, video, or audio, however over 80% of posts are image content. This makes Tumblr an ideal blogging site for photographers. When you look at the increase in it’s audience over the last few years, compared to say, LinkedIn & Twitter, it is easy to see why it’s one of the first places that photo bloggers and readers go.