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Photography Trip to Caesarea, Acre and Rosh HaNikra

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Some of the most fascinating sites in Israel can be found along it’s northern shore. An excellent combination of history, architecture, beautiful seascapes, ancient towns and inhabitants of varied ethnic groups – The adventurous photographer will be able to capture some of Israel’s most photogenic sites in this full day tour.

Our journey starts at our meeting point in Tel Aviv, before heading up the coast to Caesarea’s antiquities park. One of Israel’s most important sites, Caesarea is like walking through a story. Given as a gift to King Herod by Augustus Caesar of which the city was named after, over 2000 years of history from the Hellenistic period to the Crusader period await the avid photographer. Some of the highlights include the enormous port, hippodrome, bath houses, temples and the Romanic Aqueduct located directly on the beach.

Continuing North is one of our personal favourite locations due to it’s diversity and location. Acre [known as Acco in Hebrew] is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities in the world. Dating back to 1450 BC, photographers can wander through it’s labyrinths set in a backdrop of remnants from the Crusader, Muslim and Ottoman conquerers. Undoubtedly, Acre’s most iconic structure is it’s fortified outer wall that drops into the sea. Photographers could spend hours in this one location alone. Many visitors find themselves returning to Acre time and again as it’s fascinating history and abundance of photo opportunities are simply too much to cover in one day.

After Acre, we head to Israel’s Northwestern tip. Bordering Lebanon, the enchanting site of Rosh HaNikra is known for it’s beautiful Grottoes [or sea caves]. See nature in action as waves pound against chalk white cliffs. The energy of the sea, together with underground shocks and entering rainwater created the series of caves and tunnels. Landscape photographer will love this site, with it’s bright white rock and deep blue sea. The area just south of Rosh HaNikra also includes some excellent photo opportunities at the Achziv beach. Photography here at sunset is fabulous, as fishermen precariously stand on the jagged rocks as waves crash all around them. After the sun has set, our fabulous photo adventure ends and we return you to Tel Aviv.

Photographers interested in this day tour should contact us in advance to know our schedules. As with the rest of our day tours, the photography trip to Israel’s northern shore is a private tour.