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Photographing the Mystical Town of Safed

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Safed, known in Hebrew as Tzfat, has long been one of Israel’s best kept secrets. Located 900 meters above sea level in the Upper Galilee, Safed commands marvellous views over the Golan, Mount Hermon, Amud Valley, Lake Tiberius and the Lebanon. Dating back to 70AD, it has seen a past filled with turmoil and peace. Safed is best known for it’s mysticism and Kabbalah teachings – here you will find many people from every background that come to stay, searching for enlightenment. One of the four holy towns in Israel, it is said that the Messiah will come from here on his way to Jerusalem, and that until the third temple is built, G-D’s manifest presence rests above Safed.

For the photographer visiting on a day trip, they may well likely regret not staying overnight. When photographing this town, lighting is key. There is nothing quite like capturing images here in the late afternoon light, watching the sunset through the windows of one it’s synagogues as it’s residents are at a prayer – it is hard not to feel a divine presence when experiencing this. Photographers who like to shoot architecture and people will be in their element here. The town has a rich history, and is testament through it’s centuries old cemetery, citadel, Ottoman empire mosque, to it’s quaint artist quarter, shops and gardens.

We are able to plan single day tours and multi-day tours leaving from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, that cover other fantastic photo locations en-route to Safed, such as Caesarea, Acre, Rosh HaNikra, Rosh Pina, The Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. Please feel free to contact us with queries – we would be delighted to show you these memorable locations in one of the most beautiful parts of Israel.