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Gigapixart artworks in aluminium Chromaluxe

GigaPixArt – Transforming walls into art

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Laurie Cohen, owner of Barcelona Photography Tours and Israel Photography Tour, is proud to Introduce an exciting new project comprising gigapixel size wall art on aluminum panels for kitchen backsplash, shower walls, bathrooms, wet rooms, hospitals, and many other applications – GigaPixArt is our new company combining large format photography, dye infused aluminium Chromaluxe panels, and images reflecting Laurie’s artistic vision. These beautiful artworks are not only meant to be hung on the wall for decorative purposes – but have been designed to use as a protective wall covering against heat and moisture, predominantly replacing dated ceramic tiles. These luxurious panels are the very essence of form and function.

Gigapixart aluminium Chromaluxe panels used in a spa.

Waterproof, chemical resistant, heatproof and scratch resistant, this print medium is extremely hardwearing. For interior use, artworks will last a lifetime without fading. Due to an extremely low profile, they can even be attached directly to existing wall coverings, saving on time, effort and expense. In our experience in printing sublimatable materials, Chromaluxe is the only medium that will display images to their full potential, while adding a high gloss, luxurious finish thanks to it’s durable coating. Large size panels used in kitchens, hotels, spas, restaurants, hospitals, bathrooms etc look stunning. Individual panels can be produced in a maximum size of 120cm x 240cm [4 x 8 Feet] and joined together to create a mural. A Gigapixel image is a digital image bitmap composed of billions of pixels. For example, a one billion pixel image would replicate 31,623 pixel height x 31,623 pixel width. To put this into context, a professional grade Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera would only create 6720 × 4480 pixels – not even close to the resolution of a Gigapixel image. Using a combination of professional camera equipment and specialised hardware and software, we have created Gigapixel images through a complicated mosaic process resulting in images of exceptional resolution that can be printed into very large sizes. In fact, a single image can cover an entire wall without any loss in image quality.

Gigapixart panel profile

The concept of GigaPixArt came about when I saw the need for an easy to clean and hygienic substrate that could bring art into commercial and residential living spaces. Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the initial intended use in hospitals due to it’s resistance to chemicals and powerful cleaners, aluminium Chromaluxe was an ideal choice. Creating Gigapixel size images, while adding my own photographic signature, has been a labour of love. We have introduced the website with images of the natural world from the Holy Land. Keep posted for our next image set – distressed walls and amazing Street Art!

Gigapixart ChromaLuxe shower walls