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Where is the meeting point for our tours?

At what time do we meet our guests?

Our meeting times are flexible, but in general we recommend the following:

  • 3 hour morning tour: 9.00am year round
  • 6 hour morning/afternoon tour: 9.00am year round
  • 6 hour afternoon/night tour: 3:00pm–9:00pm [Oct 1st – April 30th], 4.00pm-10.00pm [May 1st – Sep 30th]

What photo equipment do you recommend bringing to Israel?

This is the question we probably get asked the most. You should bring what you are comfortable carrying. Size and weight should be a consideration when travelling. For DSLR and mirrorless cameras, our personal recommendations for lens choices are: wide-angle zoom or prime, 50mm equivalent fast prime and a tele-zoom.

Another option is bringing a super-zoom [more convenience, but maybe not for everyone]. If bringing a tripod, neutral density filters could be useful. A flashgun is not necessary. At least 1 fully charged battery [preferably 2]. A memory card with enough storage space. A tripod is a must for night photography – if you don’t plan on bringing one, please advise and we will bring one for you.

What else is needed for the tours?

Light, comfortable, clothes. Good shoes/sandals for walking. A light rainproof jacket or warm jacket depending on the weather conditions. It is advisable that women travelling to Jerusalem bring a shawl or other head covering for visiting areas in the Arab quarter, the Wester Wall and other sites of worship.

Are your tours private?

Yes, we strongly believe that our guests benefit in private, individual or small group tours. We have based this philosophy on the positive results from our one-on-one tuition. We only offer mixed groups on our multi-day workshops.

How are our tours priced?

Please contact us with regards to our price structure. Prices are given according to number of guests, tour itineraries, photo shoots and workshops. It is important to emphasise that the less the amount of people, the more the guests will benefit.

How is a booking secured?

A 50% deposit is paid via Paypal to the following Paypal account: laurieciao@yahoo.com

The remaining 50% balance is paid in cash to the guide, on the day of the tour. If you do not wish to use Paypal or do not have a Paypal account, please contact us for other options to secure your booking.

What is our policy on refunds?

In general, we do not give refunds for cancellations of tours, as our guides have specifically held their availability for a tour – we believe that their time is valuable. In the case of any health issues, travel delays or stormy weather, we will do our best to reschedule a tour. Failing that, the 50% deposit paid would be refunded in full.

What happens in case of bad weather?

We go out on tours, rain or shine! We find that most images with an extra element of atmosphere are actually taken during conditions that would at first sight seem non ideal. We believe that improvement in our clients’ creative and technical skills comes from the challenge of working with what is around them. We do however, understand if a guest wishes to reschedule a tour due to stormy weather.

I am coming to Israel for a few days. Which day would you recommend having a tour?

This is an important question, and one that is asked quite often. We always recommend that our guests have a rest before taking our tours if arriving on long-haul flights. The ideal scenario is for our guests to take our tours on the first or second day of their trip to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. The reasons being are that you would get an overview of the city as well as your photography tuition. This makes for planning the rest of your trip easier. It would also allow you to reschedule any tours in case of any unforeseen circumstances or stormy weather. It would also allow you the possibility of planning a 2nd tour with us! Guests have often ended up taking a night tour after a previous day’s tour, for example.

Apart from our regular photo tours, what other services do we offer?

We also offer on-location photo shoots [3 hour duration], as well as our fantastic multi-day photography workshops. Please check our blog posts for further information.