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3 Day Israel photography tour | Private Photo workshop

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Our 3 Day Israel photography tour is designed for the travelling photographer in mind with limited time available. The itinerary covers architecture, street photography, environmental portraits and landscape photography. Our tour takes you to Jerusalem, located in the centre of the country, the Dead Sea, Judean hills and Negev desert located in the South, and Caesarea, Acre and Rosh HaNikra in the North. As we have often found that a single day tour of photography is not sufficient for our guests in terms of visiting enough of the country, and our 6/9 day Israel photo workshop is too long for the amount of travel days available, we have created this itinerary to show you the most photogenic sights of Israel in 3 fun-filled and productive days of photography.

We recommend bringing camera equipment with a variety of lenses of different focal length, a couple of fully charged batteries, enough space on your memory card, a travel tripod and solid and graduated neutral density filters on this tour. Depending on the location, time and shooting style you have, we will give you our recommendations of equipment to bring.

Day 1

Our first day starts in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Most of our day will be spent in the historical Old City, that contains the Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim quarters. Here you will have the opportunity to photograph this fascinating city through the eyes of a native, Jerusalem-born photographer. From capturing the architecture of historical sites important to all 3 of the monotheistic religions, to it’s incredibly photogenic and devout religious followers, the city of Jerusalem really is a unique destination for the avid photographer. Apart from the spiritual aspect, what is so unique in this city is the cultural diversity. 3,000 years of ancient stone are testament to what awaits you. Outside the walls of the Old City, we will also practice street photography in the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood of Mea Shearim, as well as environmental portraits and street photography at the Mahane Yehuda food market. Towards the end of the day during the Golden Hour and sunset, we will photograph vistas over the Old City with the shimmering Dome of the Rock as a focal point with the Mount of Olives in the distance.

Day 2

On the second day of our photo adventure we head for a full day of photographing the arid, stark landscapes and Biblical Heritage sites in the South of Israel. Depending on if you are staying in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, we will start by either heading towards the Judean hills, or the Bell Caves in Beit Guvrin. When leaving Jerusalem towards the Dead Sea, the green hills of Jerusalem take a dramatic turn as the landscape suddenly becomes arid, with rock and sand replacing trees and foilage. The viewpoint overlooking the St. George’s Monastery nestled in a canyon of the Judean hills makes for some stunning panoramas, while the huge Bell caves can be just as dramatic with their ceilings exposed to shafts of sunlight. Also included on our tour today is a visit to the ancient mountain settlement, called Masada. Overlooking the Dead Sea and surrounding mountains, the history of the martyrs who lived and died there are as dramatic as the landscape. During the Golden Hour, we will position ourselves overlooking the salt formations of the Dead Sea, as the colour of the overlooking mountains in Jordan turn a dramatic red colour. We will then end the day’s tour at sunset and return you to your hotel.

Day 3

On our last day, we head along Israel’s northern shore towards the Lebanese border. Starting at the Crusader town of Acre [known locally as Acco], we will spend time wandering along the ramparts of the Old City. These dramatic walls surround the town and drop into the sea, with fortified walls that date back to the Knights Templar. One of the oldest towns in the world, Acco is also one of our favourite locations due to the abundant photo opportunities available for architecture and environmental portraits. Weaving through the market and through the narrow streets, we will return to our vehicle to continue towards Rosh HaNikra. This area is covered in white chalk along Israel’s border and consists of Grottos [sea caves] that have been eroded by the pounding waves and rainwater through underground cracks. The stark white cliffs and deep blue sea make for some great landscape images. On returning south, we will head towards Caesarea. This includes seascapes at the Roman aqueduct on the beach, and then on to the Antiquities park for some shots of the ruins that have fallen in to the sea. Golden hour and sunset at this location will make for a great ending to a memorable tour, before returning you to your hotel where we will bid you farewell.