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Uzbekistan photo workshop 2021

11 Day Photography Workshop in Uzbekistan

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Laurie Cohen, owner of Israel Photography Tour & Barcelona Photography Tours is delighted to announce that our Uzbekistan Photo Workshop will commence in 2024. Through our affiliate Photo Workshop Adventures, Laurie will be guiding photo enthusiasts to this magnificent location himself. Uzbekistan is widely thought of as Central Asia’s hidden gem, and is one of a select few upcoming travel destinations for the adventurous travel photographer. Being a relatively unknown country for tourism, one may wonder how safe it is to travel in Uzbekistan. The 2018 Global Law and Order Report listed Uzbekistan as the 5th safest country in the world, which makes it safer to visit than Switzerland or Canada. Photographers attending our Uzbekistan photo adventure will be guided to the most photogenic sites specifically selected for maximising your time available in this marvelous country. This 11 Day photo tour is designed for beginners, enthusiasts and advanced amateurs, with an emphasis on creative travel photography techniques.

Uzbekistan photography workshop with Laurie Cohen

With a culture spanning over 2,000 years, Uzbekistan has a fascinating past. From ancient sites associated with the Silk Route – the trade routes connecting the Mediterranean region to China, to walking in the footsteps of legendary conquerers such as Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great, up until it’s more recent Soviet past, visiting modern-day Uzbekistan is quite literally, experiencing a journey back in time. Starting in the capital city of Tashkent, we will travel in a circular direction around the country, visiting Khiva, Bukhara, Gijduvan and Samarkand, before returning to the capital. Without a doubt, the most photogenic aspect of Uzbekistan lies in it’s magnificent architecture. From mud brick defensive walls in muted colours of ochre, to impressive mausoleums and religious sites in stark tones of navy blue, deep indigo and turquoise colored ceramic, the architectural photographer in particular will enjoy capturing the smallest details created by artisans, to the unique and beguiling architecture in it’s entirety.

Likewise, the portrait and street photographer will quickly discover that photographing its people is a real joy. Such is the warmth and hospitality of the local population, which you will experience on our 11-day Uzbekistan Photo Tour & Cultural Adventure. Visiting Uzbekistan with your camera will give you the opportunity to capture this exotic and fascinating land, from its magnificent architecture, beautifully rugged landscapes, rich culture and warm hospitality.

This adventure is designed not only to guide you to the most photogenic locations carefully planned for the best light, but to aid you in mentally visualizing a scene before capturing the decisive moment. Our aim is to raise your awareness and spark your creativity so that you not only go home with images to be proud of, but use your new found skills to improve and expand your photographic technique in general. Apart from the technical aspect of learning your camera settings and capabilities, you will learn how to turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary image by using your own creativity.

Uzbekistan photo tour in Khiva with Laurie Cohen

In addition, you will become knowledgeable on how to survey the landscape, utilize and approach your environment, photograph people indigenous to the region and the cultural considerations and challenges of photographing in a foreign country. Our time together will include individual and group discussions, inspiring ideas and great fun. Uzbekistan, with all it has to offer, is a wonderful backdrop to learn and expand on your photographic skills. Our 2 scheduled workshops for small groups will run on May 4-14, 2024 & May 3-13, 2025. Enquiries for private tours for individuals can be made directly with us or through PWA. Further information on itineraries and bookings can be made directly with Photo Workshop Adventures here.

Uzbekistan photo workshop with Laurie Cohen in Samarkand